Bicycle Accidents

Injuries sustained during bicycle accidents tend to be very serious, as bicyclists are more exposed to general bodily harm and head injury, even if wearing a helmet. Bicycles are more likely to be involved in a crash because they are less stable and less visible than cars. Most often, a bicyclist is injured because they were not seen.  In addition, poor roads and hazards such as blind corners, obstructions, and debris can make bicycling even more perilous.

Bicycle accidents typically result from collisions with cars or other motor vehicles who should be held liable. The damages awarded in a bicycle injury claim can also include compensation for an injury caused by a broken sidewalk, pothole, or a badly constructed road, all depending on the circumstances of the incident.

At our office, we understand that individuals suffering a personal injury from a bicycle accident may suffer from a variety of serious injuries such as broken bones, burns, serious internal injuries, and even brain and spine trauma. Using our commitment of service, compassion, experience and integrity, we will protect your legal rights and help to get you the resources you need to continue living your life.