Boating Injuries

People generally take their boats out to a lake or the ocean to relax, go fishing with friends, or have a fun family weekend trip.  Unfortunately, because of the negligence of others on the water, you and your family may be seriously injured or even killed.

Some minor boating accidents include two boats running into each other where there is only property damage to both boats.  Boating injuries may become more serious especially if one of the boat drivers had been drinking and was operating the boats in an intoxicated manner.  If a high speed boat hits someone in the water, the injured person could receive brain injuries, broken bones, severe lacerations and avulsions to their face, amputations or spinal cord injuries.  Additionally, the boat propellers are very powerful and are spinning very quickly which can cause very serious damage to people who are relaxing in the lake.  If boats hit each other, people can be thrown from the boat and may drown if they are not wearing proper flotation devices.

As a long time boat owner/operator and having taken courses through the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Mr. Goodman is aware that boat accidents may occur at any time when other boat drivers fail to drive in a safe manner.  If you were on a boat in which you or your fellow passengers suffered boating injuries, please contact this office.