Catastrophic Injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury in an accident, contact our office immediately for legal advice regarding personal injury compensation.We use personal injury solicitors no win no fee.   Catastrophic injuries are any injuries that have long-term effects.   They typically require extensive medical treatment and care, and can result in permanent disabilities such as paralysis, blindness, loss of hearing and amputations.   The expense of a catastrophic injury can be overwhelming, especially when you are already grappling with the pain and emotional trauma of your accident.

Our office is highly experienced in personal injury cases involving catastrophic injuries.  If your accident was caused by someone’s negligence, call us at once to discuss your legal options regarding benefits.   We can assist you in filing a claim for monetary damages to cover medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, rehabilitation, home care and other costs related to your injuries.   Our office understands the hardships you are facing, and will tenaciously pursue the maximum amount of compensation you may be due.

You may be entitled to benefits if your catastrophic injuries were the result of another individual’s careless or reckless actions.  Filing a claim can be a tedious process that often requires the knowledge and expertise of a competent personal injury lawyer.   Our office is adept at compiling medical evidence to support your claim for damages involving catastrophic injuries such as:

•    Spinal cord damage
•    Head trauma
•    Brain injuries
•    Dismemberment
•    Back injuries
•    Neck injuries

We know what to expect from insurance companies when filing a claim, and won’t be deterred by any efforts to dispute the merits of your case.