Dog Bites

Dog Bites/Animal Injuries

Dogs are wonderful pets, and more and more people have chosen to own a dog for their children or as a pet for themselves. Unfortunately, that cute puppy, if not properly trained, can grow up to be a vicious and dangerous biting dog. Children are particularly in danger when a badly trained dog is in the area, as when they bite, the resulting injuries are often to the head and can be permanently disfiguring, not to mention the emotional effects suffered by the child. In any dog bite case, it is vital that you contact our office at once. The actions taken on behalf of the injured individual by our offices can help the family to recover the medical costs and other damages that result from these terrible animal attacks.

Dealing with the tragedy that can result from a vicious dog attack is stressful and emotional. However, one must remember that there are legal aspects to the case. It is vital that you get medical attention immediately if attacked by a dog. If at all possible, get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the attack, as witness testimony may be necessary. Call law enforcement at once so that other individuals in the area are protected from a further attack by the dog in question. If the dog owner tries to give you a check to settle the case, do not accept it without first contacting our offices to ensure that you are getting what is actually deserved in such a case.

The owner of the dog is responsible for the actions of their pet, and when the pet is out of control and dangerous to the community, they may face paying for the damages that have been suffered, no matter what the degree of injury is in the case. Their insurance policy likely covers such an accident, but the insurance company may give you trouble about your claim. Your first call after being attacked by a vicious dog (after seeking the needed medical attention) is to contact our office so that your case has legal representation.