Head Injury

Head & Brain Injury

When a serious car accident occurs, severe injuries including brain injuries are far too common.  These injuries are often termed “catastrophic” as the victim will never again have the quality of life that they enjoyed prior to the accident.  When another party is responsible for the accident, it is necessary to contact our office to assist in seeking compensation in these very serious injury cases.  We will assist you in managing the lawsuit or claim against the responsible party’s insurance company.  If criminal negligence was involved, it may be possible to seek punitive damages beyond medical costs, future medical and nursing care, loss of income, future financial losses and pain and suffering, among others.

The outcome of a legal action against the liable party is critical to the future and health of the victim.  In very serious brain injury cases, the innocent victim can suffer severe damage and in the worst cases can lose all ability to function in life, and will require nursing care for the rest of their lives.  We all hope for miracles in such cases, and as newer treatments are discovered, having the financial ability to access these treatments is only fair when another individual caused the injury.